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Colombia, Single Origin

Colombia, Single Origin

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Colombia Supremo Pensilvania, Single Origin

Experience the bold and unforgettable taste of our Colombian single origin coffee. With a crisp and sweet malt and dark chocolate taste upfront, followed by a bright and lively acidity of lemon and berry, this coffee is sure to become your new favourite. Sourced from the beautiful growing regions of Colombia, each sip offers a unique and boldĀ flavour profile with a smooth finish.

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RegionĀ | Pensilvania, Department of Caldas

ProcessĀ | Fully Washed

VarietalĀ |Ā Caturra

AltitudeĀ | 1500 - 1800ms

BackgroundĀ |Ā This particular coffee was grown in the Pensilvania region in the mountainous department of Caldas in Colombia.

Colombia boasts more than half a million coffee farmers producing anywhere from 10 to 25 bags on 870,000 hectares, with many lots as small as 50kg.
There are very few estate coffees, sixty percent of Colombian coffee farmers cultivate their trees on less than one hectare of land. Most of the coffee shipped from Colombia is a blend of the production from 50 or more individual farms. While this situation is typical of cooperatives in other coffee producing countries, it is unusual, and on Colombia's scale, unique for it to be the dominant method.

Generally, given the vast complexity and variety of coffees coming from this origin, Colombian coffees can be characterisedĀ as sweet and big bodied with notes of caramel and balanced fruitiness. Coffee farming in Colombia is, to put it quite simply, woven into the fabric of everyday life. People farm the land, producing most of the food and raising the animals that they eat. Money from coffee farming provides cash to improve homes, buy clothes, maintain their cars, motorcycles and equipment and buy necessities for their children. Without the extra income that coffee provides, these farmers would be subsistence farmers.

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When you buy this amazing bag of coffee, not only will our world class coffee be on its way to you within 24 hours, we will also plant a tree on your behalf and give back to the land that gives us this amazing bean juice.